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Sensual / Tantric / Erotic Massage for Women
Orgasmic Meditation

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Sensual and Erotic Massage for Women
Tantric Massage / Tantric Indulgence
Orgasmic Meditation

mobile: 0416 16 16 44

Contact: Michael

I am 74kg with a fit trim build,
6ft tall with soft skin and a gentle touch.
Australian caucasean,
Clean shaven and attractive looks with thick wavy brown hair,

I have a good sense of humour,
very friendly but not an overtalker or an inquirer into people's personal circumstances.
I am highly skilled at what I do and what I can provide for my clients
I am warm, sincere, quiet, and I enjoy trying to provide something that is positive and enriching to women

A picture may paint a thousand words
and creating an image is what your journey deserves
trust your imagination and your intuition
the mystery is the excitement that will be your vision
The mystery is part of the journey

I do not chase or harass enquirers or clients to solicit business or follow-up appointments.

Individuals must make contact and arrange an appointment at their own volition.

I have been providing this service for over 6 years here in Sydney.
I have also studied a variety of other massage modalities inclusive of Sweedish and Reflexology.
I offer a relaxing, sensual / erotic / tantric massage, sexual healing service but not an injury healing service.

I work from my own flat which is a clean and safe environment. Shower facilities available for before and after massage. Time charged is based purely on the massage time only. I do not charge clients for any before or after preparation time ( ie: showers and chats).

Discretion, privacy, and client confidentiality assured.
As a professional service, client confidentiality is guaranteed as it is understood that individuals or couples who avail themselves of this service do so at their own volition with the understanding that their privacy identity is not disclosed to any other party by this masseur.

I do not request photos from clients nor do I provide photos of myself. Essentially this is a privacy issue and the protection of each person's public identity and privacy. The essence of the Fantasy Massage service is the massage and what you will physical and sensually experience. The pleasure you seek and will derive is in the art work of my hands and body movements.

I respect my client's privacy and their choice of experiencing a massage without being questioned or quizzed on their motivation or reason for booking a session. I do not solicit TESTIMONIALS or request specific feedback from clients on their session to post on my site.
Such activities are merely marketing ploys as an attempt to impress visitors to such services with feedback or comments that are essentially annonymous, cannot be verified, and could easily have been formulated by the website owner.

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Massage for Women.
Relaxation and Pleasure for Adventurous Women

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