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Sensual / Tantric / Erotic Massage for Women
Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic Meditation for Women
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For women who are looking to truly allow themselves to be pampered and stimulated to enjoy a fulfilling massage experience.
A massage that can relaxing and energising.

Orgasmic Meditation for Women

A 30 minute experience on its own, or incorporated into the erotic sessions.

Orgasmic Meditation was developed by an American author named Nicole Daedone. In 2001 she started a movement called OneTaste.

Orgasmic meditation is a process that assists people with developing a more personal sense of connection and a development of self-realisation and happiness Women may feel a certain level of dissatisfaction with their sexual experiences, or with life in general, and orgasmic meditation can aid in addressing or rebalancing this.

Women who have practiced this report that it was a very shifting experience, a nourishing and saturating feeling, a feeling of orgasm and connection. An awareness and awakening that it is ok to touch a part of yourself that is hungry for something.

Orgasmic meditation is about connection, a deep level of connection with yourself and/or with some-one else

The process involves the vagina being opened and the clitoris exposed so that it can be gently stroked in a continuous movement at the same angle for a period of around 15 minutes. The woman can provide some direction on adjustments to pressure and direction that she feels are necessary for her own enjoyment.

The experience is about what you want as the client.

First Time?
Never Had this type of Experience Before?

That's o.k. The essence of this part of the service is a new way of self-connecting as well as being a new experience through a focussed clitoris stimulation. The pleasures and feelings are all natural.

This is a very personalised service and this and any massage can be tailored to suit your own desires.
You do not have to have any fixed concept on the outcome of the meditation session or massage. Just let the session take you on your own sensual journey.
You can stay within your own comfort zone or you can venture out, that is entirely at your own discretion

All my clients to date came as their first time. Let yourself go and give yourself a treat, even just to experiment.

What Happens
With an orgasmic meditation session you will lie down on your back on the massage table.
The session will commence with some massage work on your feet and upper inner thighs.
Then I will part your legs and gently pull open the top of your vagina to clearly expose and access your clitoris.
Using a small amount of organic oil for lubrication, I will commence stroking your clitoris in a continuous and regular motion for a 15 minute period.
The session will end off with some brief massage work on your front chakras, moving from your pelvic area to your throat and neck.

If you then wish to indulge it one of the massage sessions you may choose to do so.

The pleasure brought by orgasm is the result of a discharge of endorphins into the brain. The mind uses the orgasm to discharge the tensions out of the system and replace them with a relaxed body state. The more frequent the orgasm, the better off a person is going to be on both the physical and psychological planes.

I request that clients take a shower/bath just prior to the massage for hygiene purpsoes.

Have you Visited this Site Before?: Well now that you have had more time to consider the service, please be assurred that this is a genuine and relaxing experience.

In and Out calls available.

A service for women of all ages and situations. Sensual and stimulating massages for women available.

Massage for Women.
Relaxation and Pleasure for Adventurous Women

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