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Sensual / Tantric Massage for Women
Orgasmic Meditation

Massage Swap for Therapists and Practitioners
Sensual and Erotic Tantric Massage for Women

Tantric Massage
Orgasmic Meditation

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Welcome to my Website

For female massage therapists and practitioners who may want to experience a sensual tantric or erotic tantric massage for a massage swap arrangement.

I am happy to participate in a massage swap arrangement providing you have a particular modality of massage that you are skilled in and practice.

This would clearly be a massage swap for my kind of massage for your kind of massage.

I believe that this may also have some learning benefits for both parties as well as just the experience.

Your profession is healing for its what you yearn
as you expand your horizons you are still seeking to learn
what I do is on your path but yet we may not have crossed
an opportunity to experience without any cost
A connection may be beneficial

Women's Sensual or Erotic Tantric Massage

The art of my massage is to take you on a journey within your own imagination and instill a state of relaxation and then stimulate a range of natural and pleasurable feelings within the extent of your physical and cognitive boundaries. This is a whole body arousal experience. I utilise a variety of massage styles which include tantric, sweedish, shiatsu, and reflexology, that aim to envigorate, stimulate, and generate sexual energy which is moved around your body.

This is a very personalised and profesional service and the massage can be tailored to suit your own desires.
You do not have to have any fixed concept on the outcome of the massage. Just let the massage take you on your own sensual journey.
You can stay within your own comfort zone or you can venture out, that is entirely at your own discretion

The excitement of the massage is in the mystery of what will happen and when.
The massage moves slowly and is intuitive. I can guage the level of your own comfort and work with that.

I request that clients take a shower/bath just prior to the massage for hygiene purpsoes.

A service for women of all ages and situations. Sensual and stimulating massages for women available.

Massage for Women.
Relaxation and Pleasure for Adventurous Women

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