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Sensual/Tantric/Erotic Massage for Women
Orgasmic Meditation

Sensual Massage for Women and Couples
Sensual Tantric Massage
Erotic Tantric Massage
Orgasmic Meditation

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Contact: Michael

Welcome to my Website.
Location: Sydney's Eastern suburbs.
as well as Outcalls to all parts of Sydney.

Now available for outcalls to the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, and Wollongong areas.

Sensual or Erotic tantric massage provided by a Male Masseur.
Sydney's original and genuine Sensitive and Discreet Massage Service for WOMEN and Couples


For Women wanting a different Experience
This is a very different type of massage experience. It will allow you to explore different sexual feelings, methods of arousal, and a movement of energy that will provide a relaxing, exciting, transforming, and fulfilling experience for any day or evening.
With a mix of meditation, massage, tantra, and sexual arousal, this will be a warm and healing experience for your emotional well-being.

Not all things in life are as they appear
Deception and guile feed suspicion and fear
Your beliefs and faith can be challenged and put to the test
But here your trust will be rewarded and your experience will justify your quest.
Give Yourself Permission

My massage is a combination of a variety of techniques that I have crafted and woven together to provide a very unique experience that is intuitive, a work of art, and a skilful craft.
It will take you on a journey within your mind and through your body that will explore your emotions and responses to a different type of energy that tantra can generate within you.

Although other websites have, and may, plagiarise my information; content, my style of massage and what I provide to my clients cannot be copied by any-one else.

Tantra is the platform for my massage service, and tantra can provide you with an expansion of your sexual energy, a differnt type of orgasmic experience, an increase in your life force energy, and it may also provide some healing benefits, either physical or emotional.
I generate and utilise sexual energy which I move through and around your body to re-energise your charkras and help re-balance your body's equilibrium.

Descriptions and marketing can be hype and misleading
ad grabs; bytes, glamour and promises luring and decieving
your intuition is your most valuable tool
let it guide you in your decision and trust it as a rule.
If it does not feel right then please don't make a booking

This service will provide you with liberation, empowerment, energy, and excitement.
You need to be open to being touched, wanting to explore, and looking for some transformation and the creation of some good karma.
This massage experience can also have a healing effect for some emotional and physical blockages.
It may also help you discover your erogenous zones , which may be different for many women, and men, and how they can stimulate and arouse you in different ways .

My Services

Sensual Massage for Women: click here
For women wanting to begin the journey in exploring the energy and experience. Looking to truly allow themselves to be pampered and enjoy a fulfilling, stimulating, and warm massage experience that will begin to ignite your sexual senses.

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Masseur for Couples Sensual / Erotic Massage: click here
For couples who are looking to add a different dimesnion to their sexual relationship, a new sensitive and intimate experience. Males can indulge their female partners whilst watching or participating in the mnassage. Males may also want to experience the massage themselves. Both partners can explore and indulge in each other and the masseur.

Teaching for Couples: click here
A personal session with myself, a male tantric practitioner, for Couples to learn the key principles and art of a sensual tantric massage.

Erotic Massage for Women: click here
For women wanting a more intense expereience. A longer journey that provides a deeper and more penetrative work on your energy centres, more touch and stimulation in the massage, and for women prepared to extend their boundaries into some erotic pleasure and whole body orgasmic experience.


Orgasmic Meditation for Women: click here
Orgasmic meditation is a process that assists people with developing a more personal sense of connection and a development of
self-realisation and happiness.;

Group: Party Sessions Massage : click here
This provides an opportunity for friends and groups to try, taste, or experiment with a sensual massage and some tantric techniques.

Practitioners: Therapists Massage Swap: click here
For female massage therapists and practitioners who may want to experience my type of massage for a massage swap arrangement.

Couples Play and Swap. click here
An opportunity for couples to pair up and swap partners for a massage, simultaneously learning and engaging.

A sensual or erotic tantric massage can include:
* remedial work
* chakra balancing
* sexual healing
* emotional cleansing

* orgasmic meditation

and will help improve

sexual energy
sexual confidence
personal well-being

and will deliver a different orgasmic experience



Principles of my Practice

A Women's Sensual / Erotic / Tantric massage
is for women who are looking for a new experience, sensuality, connection, a whole of body experience. A massage that has a unique touch and will take you on a journey into sensual pleasure and sexual stimulation. This is a full body relaxing and envigorating massage artistically designed to first ease any stiffness and tension from your body with some remedial work so your mind and body can fully appreciate and be prepared for the relaxation and pleasure from my sensual and tantric massage techniques that then follow. This massage experience will provide you with a calming journey that will take you to the deeper parts of your imagination where you will experience serenity, peace, and pleasure.

My massage is a very different and unique experience.

The massage moves slowly and will explore the various erogenous points on your body. It will initially release energy and tension, before generating energy that I move around your body. I commence with some remedial work to locate and ease any sore and knotted muscles before moving onto the chakra regions and sensual zones. I work intuitively with your body, I guide but do not push, to take you on this journey.
The blend of organic and natural oils provides a soft lubricant to stroke, stretch, and stimulate muscles, chakras, and sensual zones.

You choose the length of your journey with how long you want to book for.

Many people are new to this concept and experience, and my style of massage will provide you with your own unique journey into relaxation, sensuality, sexual stimulation, pleasure, and perhaps some healing.
The massage experience will take and guide you through a range of emotions and sensations which normally start with:
- your curiosity to engage in this experience,
- your nervousness or anxiety with making the plunge,
- feeling calm and relaxed once you have met me and the massage begins,
- to the arousal, excitement, and pleasure the massage will provide.

The massage and the variety of techniques I utilise are designed to provide a different type of orgasmic experience, a wholw of body experience, that for some women may be new and unique.

Explore and You Will Enjoy
My massage can open up and release any inhibitions you may have that could be constraining you in life. The journey through nervousness, relaxation, arousal, excitement, sexual stimulation; climax will engage and awaken your senses, generate energy, and help remove blockages from your energy centres.
It may help increase your self-awareness and with a lifting or expansion of your sexual boundaries, and develop more of a connectedness with yourself and your feelings. This can be a fulfilling, experiential and awkening experience.

A session with me will provide you with a very different experience that may prompt or facilitate you on your own journey of exploration.

Your Choice

Why Have a Massage.
Women both in and out of relationships have enjoyed this type of massage.
Women in relationships who may need more sensual stimulation, or explore their own sexual needs, benefit from this type
of massage whilst maintaining fidelity. Women in no relationship who just want to satisfy or explore their own
sensual and sexual needs also benefit from this type of massage without any complications or commitments.

Couples can use this to re-ignite their relationship or add a new dimension to their relationship.

First Time?
Never Had this type of Massage Before?

That's o.k.
Join the many others who have indulged in this experience.
The aim is to allow you to be relaxed and bring awareness to the enjoyment of your body.
The essence of the service is a massage, an art of instilling relaxation and stimulating a range of natural and pleasurable feelings within the extent of your imagination.

All my clients to date came as their first time, from all walks of life, and from different life situations.
Let yourself go and give yourself a treat, give yourself permission, even if it is to just experiment.


One hour, 90 minutes, two hours, or 2; half hours. Times are flexible. In and out calls available.
Location Sydney.
I am based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney but can travel to a variety of locations around the city and across the suburbs.
I operate as a single masseur so my overheads are low and there are no inflated prices.

A service for women of all ages and situations, local Sydneysiders as well as Visitors to Sydney.
Sensual and stimulating massages for women.

Have you Visited this Site Before?
Well now that you have had more time to consider the service, please be assurred that this is a genuine and relaxing experience.

In and Out calls available.

Prices. (click here)
(Transparency in prices ensures you are not overcharged).

Have you Ever had one of my Massages Before?:
If you enjoyed your first massage then subsequent massages can be tailored to your desired needs and will be just as exhilarating with some different techniques.

Privacy; Confidentiality

Discretion, privacy, and client confidentiality assured.
As a professional service, client confidentiality is guaranteed as it is understood that individuals or couples who avail themselves of this service do so at their own volition ; with the understanding that their privacy; identity is not disclosed to any other party by this masseur.

I do not chase or harass enquirers or clients to solicit business or follow-up appointments. Nor do I engage with people who make phantom bookings or are unsure of what they are doing.
Individuals must make contact and arrange an appointment at their own volition.

Photos and Images

I do not request photos from clients nor do I provide photos of myself. Essentially this is a privacy issue and the protection of each person's public identity and privacy.
I also do not engage in pre-booking meetings.
The essence of the sensual / erotic tantric massage service is the massage and what you will physical and sensually experience. The pleasure, the healing, the transformation, you seek and will derive is in the art work of my hands and body movements.

If you are just at the level of needing photographs, images, or re-assurance then you are not ready for this experience. Be guided by your intuition and if it does not feel right then please do not make a booking.


I respect my client's privacy and their choice of experiencing a massage without being questioned or quizzed on their motivation or reason for booking a session. I do not solicit TESTIMONIALS or request specific feedback from clients on their session to post on my site.
Such activities which are essentially annonymous, and cannot be verified, could easily have been formulated by the website owner.
I regard these are merely marketing ploys and I don't engage in any potentially deceptive activities.

I request that clients take a shower/bath just prior to the massage for hygiene purpsoes. I also do the same.

My Profile: (click here)

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Is my location too far away?
Have you had this type of massage before?

phone, email or SMS me.

Massage for Women and Couples.
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