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Sensual/Tantric/Erotic Massage for Women & Couples
Orgasmic Meditation

Masseur for Couples Sensual / Erotic Massage
Tantric Massage

Orgasmic Meditation

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Welcome to my Website

A male masseur who can provide a massage for both a male and female couple.

This is a sensual erotic massage for couples providing a tantric experience delving into sensual and erotic pleasures for both parties.

The use of essential oils and massage skills will provide an indulging and different experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, fullfilled, and more connected with your partner.

Guided by the use of tantric massage techniques and principles, Couples can further enhance their own intimacy, discover sensual forms of touch stimulation, re-invigorate your sexual pleasures, or just indulge your own fantasies and have some fun.

The essence of the service is a fully nude massage and can work in a few ways:
1. the couple will lie down next to each other on the bed or comfortably on the floor and receive a simultaneous massage.
2. each person can receive their own massage separately.
3. each person can receive their own massage separately whilst their partner assists.

Essential oils are massaged over your body and the massage experience uses a combination of tantra, sweedish, reflexology and gentle massage techniques.

The art of a couples massage centres around both partners enjoying the experience together, being next to each other and being taken on a sensual journey leading to your own pleasures of arousal, stimulation, and sensual connection.

What is Natural and what are we Hard Wired for.
For many couples who I have worked with they are people who have a strong bond and connection with each other. They are not shackled by jealousy, or fear of loss, or wanting to maintain any sort of power over one and other. They possess a sense of freedom and trust for one and other. Individuals who are not constrained by established rules of conformity which can limit and confine one's spirit. They are people who like to explore their sexual boundaries, and enjoy and grow from these types of experiences. Sexual exploration, stimulation, and engagement is an activity and need as natural as hunger. Pursuing and participating in my type of services as a couple helps increase people's connection with each other.

Both front and back massages are performed with, or without, body slides, depending on your preference.
Each massage involves a full body massage covering the feet, legs, thighs, hips buttocks, back, stomach, chest, arms, neck, head, and face, as well as the 7 chakra points. The massage will start with work on your legs, feet, back, neck, and root chakra to ease out any tensions and stiffness, stimulate some energy movement, and allow you to be fully relaxed. Some sensual touching teasing of the yoni and lingam then takes place to release some pleasant vibrations and generate some sexual energy.

Then on massaging the front of your body includes thighs, chest, stomach, neck, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra, again designed to bring you back to a relaxed state, before moving and generating some sexual energy to again raise your pleasure threshold.

Couples can engage in their own sensual or erotic activities, or stimulating positions, as guided by the massage experience or the masseur.

The pleasure brought by orgasm is the result of a discharge of endorphins into the brain. The mind uses the orgasm to discharge the tensions out of the system and replace them with a relaxed body state. The more frequent the orgasm, the better off a person is going to be on both the physical and psychological planes.

I request that clients take a shower/bath just prior to the massage for hygiene purpsoes.
We also do the same.

First Time?
Never Had this type of Massage Before?
That's o.k. The essence of the service is a massage, the pleasures and feelings are all natural.

Many of my clients to date came as their first time. Let yourself go and give yourselves a treat, even if just to experiment.

Massage for Couples .
Relaxation and Pleasure for Adventurous Couples

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